TourINN-Act Project: public notice for the implementation of a catalogue of service providers for tourism SMEs

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In southern Europe, where GDP is heavily dependent on tourism, digital transformation goes slowly and there is a structural lack of skills and technologies.

In order to promote the adoption of digitalisation and to improve the services offered by tourism SMEs, through transnational cooperation and capacity building, the TourINN-act consortium was established. It is made up of 6 public and private entities from 5 Southern European countries: Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy and Cyprus.

The TourINN-Act’s goals are related to the need to identify competitive survival strategies in the tourism market, to face the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If tourism SMEs want to survive, they have to use all their resources efficiently. Ensuring survival through competitiveness is, in fact, a dynamic process that aims at long-term benefit.

The project partners are: JO Consulting, Iceberg+, Kinno, Up project, Eurosuccess Consulting e Braşov City.

What the TourINN-Act project consists of

TourINN-Act is a project created as part of the European programme which aims at the sustainability of tourism businesses, especially SMEs, in Southern European countries.

For this purpose, the project intends to create, through a public notice, a transnational Catalogue of providers for the distribution of innovative and sustainable digital services and solutions.

The TouriNN-Act Catalogue will include the most suitable and functional solutions for tourism SMEs. These services will be purchasable through voucher, with a unit value of up to EUR 10,000 (excluding VAT), which will be offered to tourism SMEs from Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy and Cyprus.

The notice is reserved for freelancers and enterprises wishing to provide consultancy and business training, IT services, digital marketing and sustainable technology solutions to support 150 beneficiary companies, selected by a special call for proposals.

The advantages for service providers are:

When to apply

Providers may apply from 1 September 2022 until 15 October through the website of the project to the section “Open call for providers”.

If you are a qualified service provider, don’t miss the opportunity and participate in the call.

The commitment of JO Consulting

JO Consulting, the organisation chosen for Italy, which will handle the open call, underlines its commitment in promoting sustainable forms of tourism in a long-term perspective.

The aim is to create innovative projects that include digital practices to support tourism SMEs. For more information, please consult the TourINN-Act project website or contact us by filling in the form below. Our team is ready to answer any of your questions.

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