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The Creative Europe call for proposals is a European Union’s framework program with a total budget of € 1.46 billion allocated for the 2014-2020 period. Its purpose is to support the vast European cultural and creative heritage which, in addition to representing a fundamental element of “European civilization”, also has a fundamental role for the economy of the continent.

To reach this important goal it is important to promote and safeguard European cultural diversity and to strengthen the competitiveness of the economic actors operating in this sector.

The program is divided into two sub-programs: the Culture sub-program and the Media sub-program. Let’s see them together.

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The Culture sub-program represents 31% of the Creative Europe budget. Among the purposes of this subprogram are:

Actions financed under the Culture sub-program

To achieve the objectives listed above, the Culture sub-program supports the following actions:


criteria for media subprogram

The Media sub-program represents 58% of the budget allocated to the Creative Europe program and supports the audiovisual industry (cinema, TV series and video games) at European level. The purposes of this program are as follows:

Actions funded under the Media sub-program

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The recipients of this type of financing are all the legal persons operating in the areas of interest of the program (associations, publishing houses, producers, distributors, networks, festivals, etc.). The participations of individuals are generally not eligible.

Within the program, in addition to the Media and Culture sub-programs, there is also a Trans-sectoral Section which has a function of support for the other two sub-programs. Among its main purposes there is being a “Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee Facility”, which aims at promoting access to credit by SMEs.

Other functions are the promotion of the collection and exchange of data at European level, the creation and collaboration between their Creative-innovative hubs and the support for the creation of specific studies and degree courses in the creative field, as well as a national network of counters of Creative Europe.

Calls expiring in 2020

At the moment there are several open calls, expiring in May 2020, especially for the Media sub-program, including interesting financing possibilities for the production of TV series and video games, as well as actions to support distribution and the creation of networks within the film industry (the entire list of open calls is available here).

Anyone interested in applying for one of these loans and need support can contact us through the appropriate section of our site.

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